Vegan Leather

Where is your vegan leather made?

Our vegan leather material is made from Biothane which is manufactured in North Ridgeville, OH. Even the hardware we sourced for our vegan leather collars and leashes is made in the USA. We wanted this product to be entirely produced domestically.

How do I clean my vegan leather collar and leash?

This material is super easy to clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth or wet wipe. If it’s really dirty you can run it under water with a little soap. The dirt rinses right off. Tarnish from the antiqued brass hardware can appear, especially on the lighter colored biothane webbing and may require scrubbing to remove any marks. If you encounter this, simply wash with soap and a gentle brush and the mark should come right off. This is a normal occurrence for brass to rub off on biothane and is harmless. Please note that even though our vegan leather is incredibly versatile material and most dirt and scuffs will come off, if there are long periods of time between cleaning your vegan leather products, some stubborn stains may not come off. We recommend washing or rinsing your products regularly to keep them looking clean and vibrant.

Is your vegan leather chew proof?

That would be nice! Just like nylon, rope, or leather, Biothane is not chew proof. However, it is stronger and much more durable compared to regular leather or traditional nylon. Many customers say this material is much more difficult to chew through. To prevent chewing, do not leave your pup unattended wearing any leash and make sure their collar is fitted properly.

Is your vegan leather safe? I’m concerned about synthetic leather on my dog.

Yes of course! Biothane is nontoxic and will not present a health or safety risk when used as recommended. It is safe and comfortable for everyday wear.

Poop Bags

What is the difference between your 2 kinds of poop bags?

The green bags are compostable and made from cornstarch. These bags contain zero plastic! Since these bags break down much faster than traditional bags, they should be used within ONE YEAR and stored in a cool, dry place. After one year, the bag starts to breakdown. You will notice the material weaken. This is a good thing. For the well-being of our environment, we want a product that breaks down quickly. Just be aware of this when purchasing your bags and use them within the allotted timeframe. We do not recommend buying these bags in bulk. Our blue bags are made of plastic that is treated with an EPI additive which allows the bags to break down quicker than traditional plastic. These bags have a shelf life of approximately 2 years. We also recommend storing in a cool, dry place.

How thick are your bags?

Both bags are 20 microns thick.

Where are your environmental certifications on your compostable bags?

Great question. These bags are certified for Home Compost and Municipal Compost through TUV Austria. Our manufacturer holds all certifications for this. We are applying for our sublicense certification which is what is necessary to print on our boxes. This process takes a bit of time but we will have these certifications in the near future. Rest assured, our manufacturing partner has all certifications, we are just unable to print their certification number on our branded boxes.

Compostable Poop Bag Dispenser

Where is this product made?

This dispenser is made in California at a cutting-edge facility that focuses on eradicating single use plastic and focuses on making products from their proprietary vegetable blend.

What makes this product unique?

Almost all of the poop bag dispensers on the market are made from plastic. And almost all of them are made in China. Ours is not only made in the USA but it does not contain any plastic whatsoever and it is completely plant based. This dispenser has the look and feel of traditional plastic without all the harmful environmental effects that plastic creates.


What is your return policy?

We accept any unused products for return within 30 days. Customers are responsible for paying return shipping costs unless we sent an incorrect or damaged item, in which case we will provide a complimentary return label. Please email support@givingpaws.com to initiate a return.

My dog chewed their leash/harness. Can I return this?

We understand this can happen from time to time. Unfortunately, damage done by your dog is not considered a defect and therefore we are unable to refund for this.

There is a problem or defect with my product. Can I return this?

Absolutely. We will accept any item for return that has hardware issues or simply not performing as it should. If you received a product that is not what you ordered and is our mistake, we will also take that back no questions asked. For any questions regarding returns, please email us at support@givingpaws.com.


What is your shipping policy?

We ship everywhere in the United States. We offer a standard shipping at a flat rate of $6 for any order under $75. For orders over $75, your items ship FREE. We currently do not ship internationally.

Can I change my shipping address?

If you have entered your address incorrectly or need to change it for any reason, please email us at support@givingpaws.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.