Our Story

Giving Paws was born out of a deep love for animals and a passion to help those in need. In our family, our animals aren’t just pets, they’re our children.

Our household consists of four rescue animals—two very dramatic cats named Peanut and Goose, a chug named Cha Cha with an insatiable appetite and a wicked underbite, and a mastiff named Teton who is a gentle soul and as sweet as they come. The love we have for our own fur babies inspired us to create Giving Paws.

I knew early on that I wanted a career working with animals, I just didn’t know in what capacity. I have worked with dogs for the last 10 years and over the course of that time have gained an insight into the world of animal rescue. Living in Los Angeles and volunteering with local rescues has opened my eyes to the incredible need there is to do better for our city’s homeless pets. It's heartbreaking to see how many animals are in need and suffering. We can do better. The amazing rescue organizations doing this crucial work are doing everything they can within their capacities, but they are underfunded and need our help.

We have an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to help these rescue organizations. There are approximately 90 million pet parents in the United States, and if everyone chose to purchase from a socially responsible business that provides funds directly to those who need it most, we could make a huge difference.

Giving Paws is a small company with a big vision. Our barometer for success is our philanthropic reach within the animal rescue community and doing everything we can not only for our pets but the homeless pets in desperate need of our help. Our pledge to our customers and growing family of fellow animal advocates is to always offer full transparency and to grow our business from the foundation of supporting the organizations who fight tirelessly for all animals in need.