Giving Back


A Purposeful Rescue is an organization out of Los Angeles that pulls mostly senior dogs or dogs who have medical issues from crowded kill shelters. These dogs are typically harder to place and require much more funds to get them healthy and ready to be put up for adoption. We are huge fans of this organization and truly admire the lifesaving work that they do. Their dogs are given access to extraordinary medical care, a network of loving fosters, extremely high quality, nutritious food to heal their bodies from the inside out, socialization, and training should they require it. This rescue does so much for their animals and we are proud to support them in their journeys. We might also mention, our wonderful chug, Cha Cha, came from this rescue and for that we will always be grateful to them.

The Lange Foundation is a private shelter in Los Angeles that pulls cats and dogs from the city's overcrowded municipal shelters. All of Los Angeles' city and county shelters are kill shelters so there is such a great need for privately owned shelters to help take some of the pressure off of these open intake shelters. The Lange Foundation's "Halfway Home" houses dogs and cats in a more comfortable and cozy environment. Their facility offers these animals a calm and safe environment to reside while awaiting their forever homes. Since this is a no kill shelter, every animal is given personalized attention, exercise, and enrichment while they await their forever family. Their facility has multiple catios for cats to enjoy fresh air, sunning, playtime, and lots of interaction from volunteers. They even have a catio for cats that are FIV+ where they have their own private space to live a comfortable and happy life. They have a second location, Bonnie's Sanctuary, a 4.5 acre property that cares for not only cats and dogs but also horses. For some animals, Bonnie's Sanctuary is their forever home. The Lange Foundation commits to providing forever care to these residents while ensuring they live a life full of dignity, love and respect. The Lange Foundation is committed to helping animals with medical needs, sick or injured animals, seniors, and animals who are victims of neglect. They are a well respected organization in Los Angeles and we are so grateful for their commitment to helping so many animals in need.

Hit Living Foundation is a Los Angeles based rescue that operates under 3 main foundational principles: Honesty Integrity, and Trust (HIT). They focus on rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from LA’s most underserved municipal shelters. They recently have expanded their reach internationally with an emphasis on spay and neuter assistance in the Bahamas as well as providing rescue assistance to stray and at risk dogs in Mexico. Community outreach and animal welfare education both domestically and internationally is at the forefront of their mission. They are a wonderful and compassionate organization that truly makes a difference in the lives of these vulnerable pets and we are proud to have them as a donation recipient.

Giving Paws Commitment:

20% of profits from each sale that is made will go directly to the organizations that we feature. As we continue to grow, we may feature more than one recipient at a time. The more we can expand our reach, the more we can give back. It is truly our passion to help animals and it is the foundation upon which Giving Paws was built on. As you can imagine, operating a shelter or a rescue is expensive. The amount of money it can cost to feed and give these animals proper medical care can be astronomical. The financial burden on these organizations is immense; we want to help alleviate some of that stress so that they can focus on what's most important, caring for these animals and finding them loving homes. We are so grateful to these organizations and to all the people who devote their lives to advocating for animals.

If you would like your shelter or rescue to be considered for our donation program, please fill out the form below. We would love the opportunity to help you and your animals.